SMS & E-Mail

SimplySwim allows you to communicate with your clients via SMS & E-mail, directly from the system.

Class reminders, payment receipts, missed class notices and general information can all be delivered to clients via SMS, E-Mail or both!

We offer competitive messaging rates - reach out to your account manager to find out more.


Some SMS examples:

Hi, Just a quick reminder that Jason has a make-up class booked for Monday 15th Jan at 2:45pm. SimplySwimming Ph: 84040570
A payment of $ 51.50 by Direct Debit was declined please contact us to arrange an alternate payment option, Regards, SimplySwimming Ph: 84040570
Account Reminder: A balance of $ 324.50 is currently owing. Please ensure all accounts are paid promptly Regards, SimplySwimming Ph: 84040570