SMS & E-Mail

Easily communicate with your customers individually or in bulk via SMS, email or both. Create and save message templates for either type of communication to re-use, or send one-off family-specific messages.


Did you know that SMS has a 98% open rate compared with just 22% of emails? No one goes anywhere without their phones anymore, and they are never far from reach. Use that to your advantage and send your clients immediate and effective communication via SMS directly from SimplySwim.

We know there are times when you urgently need to get information out to your clients in minutes, not waste an hour or more of time repeating the same phone call 50 times, leaving voicemails and getting call backs. Instead, you can type out one message in SimplySwim and with a few clicks, you can SMS your clients in bulk by class, for the entire day, over a select time frame of the day, or your entire client database depending on the situation. Send what you need, when you need.

The flexibility is also there to send individual SMS messages to families, or a bulk SMS to your teachers. An added bonus of sending SMS messages through your system is that you have a record of all communications sent to families.

You can easily configure automatic messages for make-up reminders, direct debit failures, payment receipts or lesson absences via SMS so you make the most efficient use of your admin time, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

With competitive messaging rates, having an SMS account will not cost you anything upfront. You only pay for what you use. There is no minimum spend or pre-purchase credit requirements. You will see the benefit of having an SMS account at those times when you need to quickly cancel afternoon classes due to a storm or a hazard in the pool, or have a teacher away sick with no one to replace their classes for the day, or to send out a quick “Lessons start back tomorrow, we can’t wait to see you!” reminder.

Send an SMS by Class



SimplySwim is configured with a number of standard email message templates ready for you to use – such as statement emails, student enrolments, new certificate notification, overdue fees and so on. You can personalise these to suit your centre or keep them generic. These will automatically send when you send out invoicing, certificates or enrolment emails and the like. You can also create your own message templates and save them in the system to send out in Communication Campaigns – for example: notices about the upcoming lessons, Christmas closure dates, changes in pricing, centre newsletter and the like.

You can set up a Communication Campaign to filter down to a specific group, or even email inactive students to invite them back to lessons. Everything you need is at your fingertips with SimplySwim.