Multiple & Holiday Classes

Multiple Classes

Do you want the ability to enrol a student into multiple classes at once? Maybe you have multiple squad classes or multiple sessions. In SimplySwim you can add any classes into multi-class enrolment templates, making the enrolment process more streamlined and time-efficient as you are only enrolling once into the classes that are grouped together.

Holiday Intensives and Limited Classes

SimplySwim has the flexibility of creating short-course intensive classes that can be billed separately to your regular classes. These are great if you have a holiday program or other short course you want to run daily over a period of time, or if you want to create single-date or short-term classes.

The daily intensives classes can be created and grouped together into an enrolment template, and students can then be enrolled into these “multi-classes” at once. Classes in enrolment templates can have class details updated in bulk.

Bulk Class Changes