Passes & Scanned Entry

SimplySwim makes managing the attendance of your pre-paid classes, activities or fitness sessions a breeze with our integrated module, SimplyPasses.

SimplyPasses integrates with the Attendance Screen in SimplySwim to mark off attendances automatically for your pre-paid swimming classes and squads. Your clients simply scan their card on entry. No more trying to catch up on manually marking the attendance and squad kids can scan themselves in at 5am. Bonus!

Pre-paid Classes or Multi Passes

Your clients can purchase pre-paid classes or multi-entry passes and scan them on entry. You can set passes up for any number of visits and expiry periods, and you can have multiple pass types - Squads, AquaFit Classes, General Entry - whatever pass type you need, you can create. SimplySwim will manage the number of entries used on their passes and the number remaining, as well as being able to top-up the pass.

If a customer does not have a card or forgets to bring their card you can still mark them off in SimplySwim as per normal and adjust their number of entries.

Any unique barcoded card can be used with this solution (eg: school student cards with a barcode) or you can get your own cards printed, or you could use a mix of both if you wish.