SimplySwim makes attendance management easy and efficient, saving you valuable administration time. Some of the main features include the ability to:


  • Easily track and manage attendances and absences for each student;
  • Mark off class attendance per student or in bulk per class;
  • See at a glance from the day’s attendance screen if any families owe fees so you can give them a friendly reminder;
  • Mark off absences in advance (e.g. students on holidays);
  • Mark off absences in bulk (e.g. in case of a centre closure, pool maintenance, teacher absence etc);
  • Customise non-attendance reasons to your centre and your needs;
  • Set up automatic non-attendance messages;
  • Allow absences to be notified through the customer portal, saving you admin time as the absence is updated in real time in your centre’s data;
  • See at a glance by simple symbols next to a student if it is their first lesson, birthday week, make-up lesson or if they have a medical alert as a quick reminder for that personal touch and point of difference;
  • Print attendance run sheets that also include parent names for that special connection and welcoming interaction poolside.