Training Services

Maximise the efficiency of your most important asset – your people. Ensuring that your employees are well–trained is an essential part of any solution implementation from SimplySwim. Let SimplySwim help you on the path to developing a motivated and efficient staff, and by doing so, grow your return on investment.

From the basic to the more complex, our professional instructors are dedicated to teaching your employees how to maximise the effectiveness of your SimplySwim Swim School Management solution. Training programs will be customised to focus on the requirements of your people and how they can become more productive through enhanced skills and more effective work processes. For example, our training can address the following topics:

  • Your New Product – Learn how to best apply the features and capabilities of your new product to meet your needs.
  • Your Productivity – Learn how SimplySwim can be used to enhance your management workflow to enable maximum productivity.
  • Your Environment – Learn how you can realise maximum value from SimplySwim within your current environment.

Course material is flexible and classes are cost–effective – adapted to suit your organisation‘s needs. Contact your account manager today for additional information and scheduling availability.