Bulk Attendance

Have you ever had to close your centre for any period of time and then had to painstakingly go through each individual student or family account one-by-one to mark off absences and then apply make-ups or credits to their accounts?

Those days are long gone with SimplySwim’s Bulk Attendance management tool.

  • Have a certain teacher away over a certain period and need to credit or apply make-up lessons?
  • Or do you need an afternoon or a morning of classes marked due to a closure or hazard in the pool?
  • Closing for maintenance over a day or so?
  • Having the unfortunate need to close for a Covid-19 stay at home order?

Taking care of any of these tasks turns what used to be hours of work into minutes of admin, no matter how long the closure. All you need to do is to decide if you want to apply a credit, a make-up or you can opt just to simply mark the attendance as “non-attended” without any client return, depending on the closure reason and your centre’s policies (e.g. if you have had to close due to a storm and your policies state that no make-ups or credits are provided in that instance). Once you have made that decision, you can process the bulk non-attendance using that reason over specific date ranges, and include all classes or narrow them down to a select few.

The control is in your hands with SimplySwim.