Why You Should Be Using Swim Class Management Software

Running a swim school requires meticulous planning to enable proper dissemination of administrative tasks that ensure all activities may continue uninterrupted and seamless. However, doing this manually could be time-consuming as well as labor-intensive. While on the other hand, the return on investment may not quite be worth the hard work. However, you no longer have to rack your brain overthinking this. The answer to your problem lies in the use of swim class management software.

What is swim class management software and why should you use it?

A key success factor for a swim school is the use of high quality management software. A complete management platform, that automates your swim school operations, allows your staff to focus on the students and help young learners achieve their goals. Read on to learn more on how it can help you.

Streamlining your administrative tasks

By eliminating the need for pen and paper, this software not only makes the process less clumsy but inexpensive, too. You can log onto the platform from any device, anytime, anywhere, and manage your entire program with ease.

Scheduling your classes

Using this software, you can schedule classes which the platform will then make available to the students. These software products are equipped with features that allow you to also reschedule a class in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This information will allow the learners and their parents to check for class availability, sign up for new classes, or cancel a class at their convenience. Additionally, you can streamline other processes of your swimming school like registrations, customer billing, attendance, or reporting.

Giving a hassle-free experience to your customers

Convenience is a buzzword when it comes to extending services to your customers. Every business today offers the option to make online payments so that customers can make transactions from their comfortable spaces. Therefore, when every business today is vying for customer loyalty through the extension of multiple benefits to them, why should swim classes lose out on the opportunity? Through swim class management software, you can allow your customers to make payments online, automate regular payments, calculate monthly fees for students, and provide concessions.

Enhancing student retention

To run a swim school successfully, it is important to keep the communication with your students and their parents flowing. This software can do exactly that by sending newsletters, posting fresh updates on your social media pages, and by sending emails with special offers and forthcoming events.

Slashing your expenses

Unwanted costs can negatively impact your swim school’s profit margins. To avoid such occurrences, you need robust software that can help you take care of your school’s finances by consolidating data of all income and costs. This eliminates the need to invest in multiple tools for data collation, reducing your expenses manifold.


A swim school venture can turn out to be a formidable source of income if you can incorporate technology into the system to take care of the stressful backend processes. This way your school staff and swimming instructors can devote more time to the activity in focus, which is swimming. While other things can be taken care of by the swim class management software.

To experience the benefits the best management software can have on your swim school, contact SimplySwim to start your no obligation, 90 day FREE trial.