How To Manage Enquiries With Swim Class Software

Managing enquiries is a key activity for every business. Enquiries should be viewed as potential customers and that means new leads for the business. It is very important to manage enquiries effectively, so they can be converted to paying customers. If you are running a swim school business, you will know how important it is to keep a track of every single lead that come in.

Managing leads manually can be cumbersome, which is why using Swim Class Software is a great idea. Software like SimplySwim is a quality cloud based solution that helps you manage your swim school operations. From managing enquiries to keeping track of attendance, communication, billing, reporting, and other processes throughout the software.

Managing Enquiries and Leads using Swim Class Software 

When a potential customer shows interest in your swimming school, they become an enquiry. Every enquiry is important, since they potentially may enroll for your school. That is why you must keep a track of each enquiry or lead ensuring that you nurture them. Managing leads is a key sales activity that will help you convert leads to customers. When you use Swim Class Software like SimplySwim, you get a top-quality tool that helps you automate your swim school operations. The software is very helpful in allowing you to manage enquiries effectively. Let’s try and understand how you can manage enquiries better through SimplySwim.

Capturing Leads

The details of every single enquiry must be captured or recorded. When you use SimplySwim, you can record details of leads using the enquiry form. The online form allows you to capture details of the enquiry and store it on your CRM.

Tracking Customer Conversations

Engagement with enquiries or interacting with them is the key to converting new customers. You need to communicate with customers to understand their needs. Based on their needs, you should be letting them know why joining your swim school is advantageous. During your conversations with customers, there will be various queries raised. It is important to keep a track of all these touch points. It would help you to create a historical record of your engagement with the customer. When you use the SimplySwim, you can create and save notes with details of the conversation. It will help keep a record of customer preferences in terms of days and times. The benefit is that any staff member can follow up with the customer and continue the conversation. Seamless.

Update Status

It is important to update the status of the enquiry. This step will help your staff members know the next action to be taken. Updating the status of an enquiry would help you find out which leads need to have a follow-up. When you use the SimplySwim, you can easily update the status of a customer based on conversions such as…

  • New
  • Contacted
  • In Progress
  • Waiting on response
  • Follow-up required
  • No response
  • Complete – converted
  • Complete – lost business

Using a good quality swim school software is the best way to improve the operations of your swim school. You can manage enquiries better and thus increase your customer base and bottom line. So, If you are wanting to know more about how we can provide better solutions for your swim school, give us a call today. To experience the benefits the best Swim Class Management Software can have on your swim school, contact SimplySwim to start your no obligation, 90 day FREE trial.