How to Increase Business Efficiency with Online Payment Tools

Accepting payments online is a fast, easy and secure way to increase the efficiency of your business. Take advantage of the shift towards e-commerce and online payments. It’s a trend too powerful for your business to ignore.

Here are three ways online payment tools can increase the efficiency of your services business.

Manage cash flow with immediate payments

Online payments are immediate, and free you from reliance on snail mail or collecting on-site. In addition to increasing the speed of payment, online payments are secure and trackable, which guarantees you will never lose another customer’s payment details on the front desk. Faster payment turnaround helps you put your money to work, paying staff wages, buying equipment or saving for a rainy day.

Eliminate paper-based processes

Online payments cut down on the hidden costs of paper. Online payments free your employees from the need to manually enter payment data to generate financial reports. A robust online payment system like SimplySwim will automatically generate customer receipts, invoices and update your accounting software without the need for paper.

Increase Customer Interaction and Boost Lifetime Value

Online payments enable you to start an ongoing conversation with your customers. Use the payment submission process to alert your customers and clients to upcoming promotions and benefits, such as the launch of new classes, promotional discounts, new customer referral bonuses. You can also use the online payment process to remind customers to schedule their next make-up class online. Increasing the lifetime value of existing customers is a much more cost-effective way to grow business profitability than acquiring new customers.

SimplySwim has partnered with Pin Payments and IntegraPay to provide your business with access to an all-in-one payment solution enabling Australian businesses to accept online credit card and bank account payments, without requiring a merchant account. Find out more about our partners HERE.  Additional information on how SimplySwim integrates with payment processors is available here.