8 Ways an Effective School Management System Is Important for Parents

Having effective school management system in place is not only vital for the business, but also its clients – the parents.

Support from parents is critical to a student’s performance. Keeping track of all school affairs is the responsibility of everyone involved.. Students’ day-to-day requirements can vary greatly, creating gaps between success or failure. So, it’s vital to have processes in place that prevent oversights.

An effective school management system has become an essential tool for assuring everything is in place and done the right way. It should provide effective communication among students, parents, and teachers. because without this it can be challenging for parents to account for their children’s performance. So, in sports-related training institutions, such as swim schools an effective school management system can help keep track of progress the same way.

1. A Portal for Parents to Access Their Children’s School Activities

Having parents informed of the latest updates on their children’s school can easily be accessed through an app. Having a customer portal can help parents access teachers and keep track of their children’s progress despite having busy schedules. Swim school owners can provide this portal to parents. For instance, an effective swim school software can have a feature such as the attendance management system.

Valuable features of an effective customer portal provide:

  • Keeping track of school activities and schedules.
  • Giving parents instant access to grades, exam results, and other records related to their child’s performance.
  • Help for parents actively participating in their children’s activities.
  • Updates to sports training institutions – giving updates on the athlete’s progress. Swim class owners can easily update this information for parents to access through its and can be relayed to the parents through the simply swim portal.
  • Most importantly, it should the bring parents closer to their teachers and effectively facilitate ease of communication.
    • Parents can easily relay comments, questions, and suggestions to teachers this way.

2. An Effective School Management System Provides Facilities for Effective Communication

Parent intervention can only be effective if communication among students, parents, and teachers is adequate. To a great extent, the success of a student’s performance heavily depends on this.

A parent’s portal, aside from giving  access to their children’s activity, should also facilitate the communication process. This could be done via

  • SMS (text),
  • Voice messages,
  • and, Emails to a set of parents (or in some cases, all parents), and the whole school.

Since communication can be easily linked to vital student-related information, facts can be verified easily by both parties. This saves time for the school administration and it also provides a venue for feedback for parents should it be required.

3 Having an Academic Calendar In Hand

An academic calendar is a primary feature of effective school management software, because it helps parents stay updated about tthings usch as

  • Meetings
  • Assignments
  • Grades,
  • Requirements, and other vital student performance information.

The academic calendar is usually a one-stop snapshot with indicators what involvement is required and by whom. Training and tournament schedules can also be maintained so that changes can be arranged if needed.

4. Access to Student Information

Apart from providing an easy means of communication amongst its users, an effective school management system can also allow parents to access important student information. Data such as attendance, grades, awards, discipline, etc as well as other important information such as billing, medical history, accounts, among others, can be accessed by both teachers and parents. An effective school management system has alarms to alert parents of any discrepancies should these arise, and responsible parties can take action accordingly. Such actions could include rescheduling tuition payments, remedial classes, or taking extra-curricular courses.

5. Keeping Track of Homework

As parents, it is important to keep track of your children’s homework. Especially when unprecedented events can delay face-to-face learning. An effective school management system helps school assignments be readily available 24 hours a day. This module provides information such as when teachers assigned the task and the due date of submission for parents and students to prevent oversight.

6. Getting the Report Cards Fast

Report cards used to be the only time parents are in touch with how their children performed at school. So it’s an important time as the student’s hard work is noted and summarised. Finalising reports can be a very taxing activity and takes a long time to complete. So, by having an effective school management system, the process of finalizing the report cards is streamlined, cutting down the time the information reaches the parents and the students.

7. Keeping Track of Your Children’s Transport

A feature of an effective management system provides updates on the whereabouts of students in real-time. So all schedules and routines are provided to prevent worry and can help to ensure the student’s safety, including travel.

Moreover, information such as the changes in the student’s route history and if the student opted for transportation without routes assigned to them are tracked.

8. Fee Tracking and Online Payments

Without the proper software to manage and handle these functions, tracking the fees and applying these to the right students is a time-consuming and challenging activity.

So, an effective school management system must allow for simple ways to manage and deliver payments, charge fees, and prepare bills through the issuance of Smart Cards or enrolling a credit card for the payment system.

Expenses may arise, especially when changes in the student’s activities arise, such as dropping or adding courses.

Neither school administrators or parents should discount the importance of an effective school management system. The same can be said for swim school owners. This is because, the value of an effective school management system is based on access to information and allowing for smooth communication among all parties.

Communication among the student, the teachers, and parents with access to information is vital to the student’s performance and the result of realising the school’s vision of what the student is to become.