Scheduling Classes Using Swim School Management Software

Efficient class scheduling is key to ensuring that your swim school runs smoothly. With the help of SimplySwim swim school management software, you can now enjoy easier class scheduling as well as organisation. The swim school management software comes with a class timetable that’s easy to fill out and can be viewed at any time.

You can add information to the class timetable, edit it, and even re-schedule classes, all on the same screen. Information regarding changes to class timings are updated on the timetable automatically. You can also print out the schedule, if you want to carry a paper copy with you. Streamline how you schedule classes and make the process more transparent with this swim school management software.

But what exactly can you schedule? Let’s find out.

1. Swimming Classes

Create a schedule for all the classes in your swim school. The timetable can be colour coded, making it easy for you and your team to read. You can look through past classes and create a timetable for what’s coming up. It’s also possible for you to set start and finish times on the timetable, based on what your operating hours are. You can configure everything from class levels, choose colours for each class level, set class duration, and more.

The class schedule also helps you gauge whether you have space in upcoming classes for new students. Look at what dates and times are available to help prospective students join your swim school.

2. Organising Make-Up Lessons

With the help of this swim school management software, you’ll be able to easily spot vacancies in upcoming classes. This allows you to reschedule classes and organize make-up lessons for students who may have missed a class. This allows you to provide make-up lessons without needing to schedule make-up classes for one or more students. You can save time as well as effort, by including students who need make-up lessons into your existing classes schedule.

3. Creating New Classes

This swim school management software allows you to set classes for any day, as well as any duration of time. Based on what class levels your swim school has, you’ll need to configure your software. After this, you can easily add new classes to your class schedule. You can complete your class creation by adding details like which day of the week it falls on. You can set its duration, note who the instructor for the class is, as well as more.

4. Classes on Holidays

You may also take classes on the weekends or on other holidays. You could offer limited classes as well. With the help of this swim school management software, you can enrol your students into multiple classes at the same time. You can also create short-term courses or a holiday program that lasts for a small duration of time.

5. On-Going Classes

If you leave the date of the class as default, then this indicates that the course is ongoing. You can also set end dates for your classes, but where you don’t, the swim school management software will treat it as an on-going class. You can add Do Not Bill periods as well, for holidays or days you won’t be holding your on-going classes.

Why Use SimplySwim Management Software To Schedule Classes?

If you want to make the process of scheduling classes easier, then your swim school management software can help you. Create new classes, set the duration, create on-going classes and more, with the help of your swim school management software. Make the process of creating class schedules easy, and track them more efficiently as well.

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